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Register Now to begin using the Lean Tools suite of calculators Our package of solutions includes energy conservation, management and monitoring products, systems and services. All designed to help reduce your facility's energy consumption.

Whether you require our advanced metering systems to monitor and assess your consumption or are looking to control your lighting consumption with our lighting control systems, Schneider Electric provides comprehensive, intelligent responses to manage your energy challenges.

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The Square D AccuSine® Power Correction System (PCS) combats problematic harmonic levels frequently found in today's industrial electrical networks. ReactiVar AccuSine® PCS is designed to correct for harmonics and poor displacement power factor. By entering the information in this calculator, the program will define the amount of corrective current to be provided by the AccuSine® PCS to meet the objective.
Drive Calculator
The constant-speed approach to AC motors made a lot of sense when energy was cheap. Now that the cost of energy is continually climbing, adjustable speed drives can provide one of the best energy efficiency options. Schneider Electric has been providing Adjustable Frequency Drive solutions for HVAC fan and pumping applications for over 30 years. Take advantage of this tool to get an estimate of the cost savings that adjustable frequency drives can provide.
Lighting Control
In the United States it is estimated that approximately one-quarter of the electricity budget is spent on lighting, or more than $37 billion annually. In commercial buildings lighting often accounts for more than 30 percent of the total electrical energy consumed. This Energy Efficiency Calculator allows you to calculate the savings you can recoup by installing Square D lighting control.
PowerLogic™ Calculator
PowerLogic power monitoring and control systems give you the information needed to save money on utilities and other hidden costs of operating your facility. In fact, a study by the Energy Cost Savings Council revealed meters and monitors have an average payback period of less than six months and an average payback of 200 percent. You can determine your potential savings by using the PowerLogic Payback Calculator below.
Transformer Calculator
Surveys show that typical loading of low voltage dry-type transformers on a 24-hour average basis is only 15 to 25 percent of full load rating. At such loading levels, Square D® Lean Power™ Energy Efficient Transformers provide the best combination of optimal performance and superior quality. A typical model will see a payback in three to five years at $.075 per kwh, compared to non-TP1 compliant models. This calculator allows you to calculate the savings you?ll see by installing Square D Type EE transformers.

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